The Trek

The journey will take place on the Pacific Crest Trail (abbreviated as the PCT) in the Western United States. The PCT runs North and South and is bookended by the US/Mexico border in Campo, California and at the US/Canada border at Manning Park in British Columbia. Spanning ~2,669 miles, the trail passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks covering California, Oregon, and Washington. With it’s low point at sea level and high point around 13,000 ft., the trail is sure to provide thrills, challenges, and a diversity of beautiful vistas throughout.


I will be joining up with Northbound thru-hikers starting on 4/30/18 and trekking for as long as I can. Although this will be a solo trip, over a million people set foot on the PCT each year and I’m sure a diverse and certainly wild cast of characters will enter and leave my story throughout the journey. This is (as much as it can be) a self supported journey, meaning I’ll be carrying any food, water, and gear I need along with me and camping out under the stars of our beautiful country more often than not.


To resupply, I’ll be heading into towns along the way for more food, packages my family may mail to me at the local post offices, and hopefully a local brew every now and again. Although the vast majority of the journey will be on trail, I do look forward to seeing some new places, meeting new people, and experiencing some local cultures so different from anything I’ve ever known. It’s sure to be a great learning experience I’m terrified, yet excited to experience.